Vocabulary choose the best word that completes each sentence.

People learn languages faster if

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People learn languages faster if __________.

  1. some languages are not similar to our mother tongue

  2. the language is Hungarian

  3. the writing system is confusing

  4. they need to use it professionally

  5. the grammar is complex

Many countries face serious economic problems in the form of an unfavorable trade balance with other nations. Such an imbalance exists when the total value of a country’s imports exceeds that of its export. For example, if a country buys $25 billion in products from other countries, yet sells only $10 billion of its own products overseas, its trade deficit is $15 billion. Many developing countries find themselves in this position because they lack natural resources or the industrial capacity to use these resources, and thus have to import raw materials or manufactured goods from developed countries.

One effect of a trade deficit is the flow of money out of a country. In the case of a developing country, this can cause many financial difficulties, including failure to meet debt payments and difficulties of industrialization. Even in the case of a fully developed nation such as the United States, a large trade deficit is the reason for alarm. American products, produced by well-paid workers in U.S. industries cost more than those produced in places like Asia, where labor and material costs are much lower. Money spent on cheaper foreign products means money not spent on items produced by domestic American industries, thus preventing industrialization.

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