Vocabulary choose the best word that completes each sentence.

Exercise can __________ the body in a good way; it can make you healthier

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Exercise can __________ the body in a good way; it can make you healthier.

A) affect B) effect
C) accept D) enrich
E) expect

  1. Larger fish need the smaller fish for food, thus they __________ smaller fish to survive.

A) look after B) take care of
C) contact with D) insist on
E) rely on

  1. __________ to pollen from flowers is one of the major causes of severe allergies during the spring months.

A) Sensitivity B) Sensibility
C) Sensitive D) Sense
E) Sensation

Choose the correct answer to complete the given sentences.
(Verilen cümleleri en uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.)

  1. Commercial planes account for about 2% of carbon emissions that contribute to climate change, __________.

  1. but fuel is one of the biggest costs for airlines.

  2. European manufacturers are teaming up to build a hybrid electric test plane

  3. but the industry aims for carbon-neutral planes over the next decade through a combination of new technology and biofuels.

  4. and each company will start with a different aspect of production.

  5. for commercial flights will start with the same electric technology as early as 2025.

  1. __________, the population of the world seems sure to pass 8 billion as the twenty-second century opens.

  1. Although the birth-rate has dropped in some nations

  2. Whether the population continues to increase

  3. Because the measures against the population growth are effective

  4. Due to birth control campaigns

  5. As long as people are more careful about the issue

  1. __________ so that they wouldn't be able to get the specific details of their new film.

  1. There have been numerous rumours about the famous couple

  2. It is speculated that the famous couple will divorce soon

  3. Celebrities are known for their capricious characters

  4. The famous couple wanted the reporters and the cameramen to leave the room

  5. There were hundreds of journalists and correspondents in the meeting room

  1. A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch lit up the evening sky over southern California on December 22, in a dazzling display that __________.

  1. the mission was a success

  2. didn’t reach its goal

  3. was actually a comet

  4. exploded in the sky

  5. was visible to millions of spectators

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