Vocabulary choose the best word that completes each sentence.

He is determined to leave school __________ what the consequences may be

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He is determined to leave school __________ what the consequences may be.

  1. however B) as though

C) even if D) although
E) no matter

  1. Of the two films you suggest, __________ appeals to my taste, so let’s watch __________ one.

  1. none / all B) no / the whole

C) either / every D) neither / another
E) all / no

  1. Hybrid electrical vehicles, __________ both internal combustion engines and electric motors, are probably the best way __________ down on petroleum consumption.

  1. to be used / to be cutting

  2. having used / being cut

  3. used / to be cut

  4. to use / cutting

  5. using / to cut

  1. We __________ a short holiday next week, but now, with this unexpected problem, it __________ possible.

  1. will have taken / hasn't seemed

  2. are taking / didn't seem

  3. were going to take / doesn't seem

  4. have taken / won't have seemed

  5. had taken / wouldn't seem

  1. The actor __________ his temper with the photographers who __________ to take pictures of him with his latest girlfriend.

  1. has lost / will have tried

  2. lost / were trying

  3. was losing / try

  4. has been losing / will be trying

  5. loses / had tried

  1. Until two years ago, there __________ a nice park in our neighbourhood, but now a huge shopping centre stands on it.

  1. had to be B) has been

C) is going to be D) used to be
E) must have been

Choose the correct answers to fill in the blanks. (Boşluklara en uygun olan seçeneği işaretleyiniz.)

One of the most important problems of English football is the (51) __________ behavior of fans. Almost every week, they attack each other in the stadium, burn the seats, throw objects into the field or even attack the bus of the rival team. Of course, there are (52) __________ factors that contribute to the vandalism and violence in English stadiums. First of all, fans’ attitudes (53) __________ each other are very hostile; they act (54) __________ their rival supporters are their enemies. Secondly, football clubs’ involvement in solving these problems is not (55) __________. Sometimes, they even encourage their fans to behave badly in the stadium. The police also don’t take enough measures for controlling the fans.

  1. conditional B) unacceptable

  1. consequent D) enormous

E) appropriate

A) much B) several
C) less D) fewest
E) a lot

A) for B) into
C) towards D) at
E) of

A) unless B) due to
C) although D) as if
E) therefore

A) sufficient B) silly
C) happy D) massive
E) polite

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