Vocabulary choose the best word that completes each sentence.

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Choose the best word that completes each sentence. (Boşluklara anlamca en uygun kelimeyi seçiniz.)

  1. Some building projects __________ hundreds of people to get the job done quickly.

A) require B) construct
C) debate D) communicate
E) transport

  1. You can improve the __________ of people in poor countries by giving them ways to make money.

A) enrich B) transform
C) prosperity D) structure
E) value

  1. There was so much smoke in the building that the firefighters could __________ only by using their gas masks.

A) breed B) breath
C) bred D) breathe
E) broad

  1. The Constitution of our country is based on three branches of the government: the executive, the __________, the judicial.

A) legislative B) memorable
C) forgettable D) criminal
E) proposal

  1. Cell phones can make a noise to __________ that you are receiving a text message.

A) detect B) indicate
C) mention D) create
E) include

  1. My advice to you is, whatever the emergency may be, do not __________ the speed limit while driving.

A) excess B) access
C) expect D) except
E) exceed

  1. The Pyramids of Giza __________ heavy blocks which weigh about two and a half tons each.

A) evolve from B) consist of
C) set up D) take part in
E) remove from

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